Tell Temple University to End Anti-Semitism on Campus

Tell Temple University to End Anti-Semitism on Campus
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If you can get fired from CNN… it must be for a REALLY terrible reason.

Recently, FORMER CNN commentator and CURRENT Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill blatantly called for the destruction and elimination of Israel in a speech to the United Nation.

Professor Marc Lamont Hill called for a free palestine “From the river to the sea”, a call for complete disappearance and destruction of Israel.

Shortly after his comments were made public CNN cut ties with Hill, yet Temple University, a publicly funded university, has not yet held Professor Hill accountable for his words.

Professor Hill has the freedom of speech and expression to believe or say whatever he wants, HOWEVER, that does not mean he has freedom of consequences for those words.

Even Temple University’s Board Chairman, Patrick O’Connor, has been quoted saying “I’m not happy, the board is not happy, the administration is not happy.”

Now is the time for Temple University to hold anti-Semites, like Marc Lamont Hill, accountable for their words and actions.  

So please join us in asking Temple University President Richard Englert to hold his employee, Marc Lamont Hill, accountable for his hateful rhetoric.

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